Why is Deconstruct Being Built?

It is being built out of frustration from the way things work in evidence-based fields of knowledge.

Frustration created from seeing all the missed opportunities at improving knowledge, collaborating, sharing, learning, testing new ideas. Frustration from seeing people who could be helped, or who could find clarity for their problems not being able to take advantage of all the great discoveries we have made and continue to make daily.

Frustration from inefficiency, confusion and smoke screens in Academia and corporate Science.

Profits influence too much the direction of research. Science is not currently setup in the most efficient path. There are better ways to do this.

Instead of feeling frustrated, we could be advancing discoveries much faster than we are. That is why Deconstruct is being built.


We don’t know if we will succeed, but we will try to bring some clarity, collaboration, openness and rigor into the knowledge building process.

That is our why.

  • Deconstruct Team