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Some of the problems Deconstruct wants to fix in Evidence based Sciences

As discussed in our about page, Deconstruct has identified many problems in the current evidence-based knowledge building process. We think it would be useful to list some of these common problems here to encourage discussion.

Here are the most common issues we encounter

  • Not easily understanding the rationale and evidence of why facts are accepted by mainstream society – what is the evidence and reasoning used to accept them?
  • Expose the main points of reasoning behind accepted facts for scrutiny by everyone.
  • Science is a methodology. But practical Science has too much human opinion and not enough scientific process and precision
  • Information that has been clearly disproven persists in literature and the education of specialists and and can take decades if not centuries to be killed off.
  • Key pieces of research are hidden but are still used as evidence for the public at large. This is clearly a problem of telling people to do things because I told you so instead of why (as the why is hidden).
  • Organisations and the Scientific community at large are extremely Slow to take on new information and analyse new theories and incorporate best practices into their mainstream decision making processes.

Do you agree? What is your opinion on the issue – register and leave a comment below to let us know!

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