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Hypothesis: Parkinson’s Disease might be caused by Gut inflammation

I know people close to me with Parkinson’s disease and have been researching the subject for a few years now. Parkinson’s is a frustrating disease for sufferers because so little actual advancements make it to the public.

In fact Levodopa / Carbidopa, developed in the late 1960s, continues to be the go-to drug for patients. If I had Parkinson’s I would be frustrated to say the least with the lack of progress in over 50 years.

Using old drugs is one thing, but still having a limited understanding of the causes of the disease? That’s another level of frustration.

Well, in the last 10 years or so this seems to be changing and recently I stumbled upon a few different studies which connected some dots in my head. This lead me to a theory:

Parkinson’s Disease is caused by a chronically aggravated and inflamed gut. The gut releases a substance called α-synuclein to protect the body and the brain from inflammation. As the inflammation does not cease over years, the constant secretion of α-synuclein rises to toxic levels in the brain and results in Parkinson’s disease.

I am currently researching the subject and according to v0.1 deconstruct algorithm, this theory has a deconstruct evidence score of 68/100 reliability. In fact, after coming up with the idea I also stumbled upon a much better written and researched article by Madelyn C. Houser and Malú G. Tansey which you can review in full here.

I would strongly suggest Parkinson’s sufferers to investigate their gut health with qualified health professionals. As always – I’m no doctor and don’t pretend to be one, but I would give this a shot as there can be only upside from a healthier gut, even if it does not cure the disease, it might improve other aspects of day-to-day life.

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